Mount Mitchell Day One


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Dad Forgets Everything

Recently, I went camping at Mount Mitchell State Park with my dad.  We decided to go on the scenic Blue Ridge parkway, which has basically no exits on it.  Just before we got on, we realized that Dad forgot EVERYTHING!  He bought chocolate bars for s'mores that he left at home, and also the tarp to shield our things from rain.  He also forgot the mat for wiping our feet off before we enter our tent.  Fortunately, he did not forget ME!

We Find Batman’s Lair

We were driving along and then we saw this sign:

I really think that Batman could do a better job of concealing his bat cave than that.  How on earth do people not notice this?  All it needs now is a giant bat-symbol, special features, and a secret entrance!  We could not stop and visit Batman because you need to schedule a visit to the Bat Cave.  Seriously!                               

The GPS Tries to Stick Us in a Weird Destination

We went to purchase the forgotten supplies, but after we finished shopping, Dad forgot how to get back to the parkway.  He had me reading the directions to him off the GPS on his phone and he complained that I was taking us to Southern Mongolia.  We then resorted to On-star route guidance.  This is just about what happened:

Dad: route guidance.

On-star: Where is your destination?

Dad: Mount Mitchell state park

On-star: I didn’t get that, but it sounded like you said “Food Lion Skate Park” is that right?

That was when we gave up on that.  Dad took his phone back and read the directions himself to get us back to the parkway.

Dad Freezes His Butt Off

Once we were back on the parkway, the temperature slowly changed from “nice and warm” to “polar bear climate”.  We got out on every overlook and took pictures.  There were lots of tunnels and scenic views.
Who the heck is Tony???

Who are Holly and Scott?  They are vandals!!!

Getting Higher -- Elevation 3483 Feet!  Goodbye, Buffalo!

Believe me, it is COLD up here!!!

 I become the Green Lantern

We hiked up to our campsite on Mount Mitchell.  All that I brought up was a green lantern, saying that I was the Green Lantern, a superhero whose powers come from a magical alien lantern.
Beware My Power, Green Lantern's Light!

Unfortunately, the lantern did not imbue me with superpowers.

I find out that there are more bears than dad says

Dad told me that there would be few or no bears at all. Then we saw this sign at the ranger station:

And then, at the campsite, we see this:

It comes complete with a chain latch and other things!

That is an official, state-of-the-art, absolutely, positively Bear-Proof food storage container.  I still don’t get how they got these up here so fast, since the ranger said that the problem started “recently”.

I get freaked out

I decided to look for animals while dad set up the tent.  I hadn’t gone very far when I saw a furry red animal zip around the corner.  I started going after it, but then I heard a very loud growling and ran toward dad yelling that I saw a fox, but it was eaten by a bear! Then I tripped on a root and fell down. I picked myself up and noticed that a nearby airplane was making a growling noise.

I find a big rock and share it with a snake

I wonder how this rock got here?
Right next to our campsite was a rock.  I climbed up on it and sat there.
What I didn’t know was that a snake was underneath the rock.  When I found him, I called him Stewart and left him alone.

Meet my new friend Stewart!

I was careful to stay away from Stewart the snake, so we could both stay happy.

We hike over the Misty Mountains cold...

We hiked a long way to the summit, taking pictures of the cool bits and watching out for critters.  We used ski poles for hiking poles.

Welcome to the Fire Swamp!

Trust me, you wouldn't understand

Here I'm mad that Dad got ahead of me

Pollution has killed all these trees :-(

Polluters, face the wrath of my pointy ski pole!!

This is me, on top of the world!  Tomb is behind me!

That is me, on top of most of the world.  The structure behind me is the tomb of Elisha Mitchell, the man who discovered the mountain and died in the exploration of it.  He slipped while measuring a waterfall on the mountain’s height and plummeted to his death.  His body was found by a search party at the base of the waterfall and was moved and buried on the summit.  Behind the tomb is the observation tower.  On the floor of the tower is a map of NC showing north, south, east, west, and a bronze label, showing our position.
Dad was thinking that I was trying to kill him, or push him off the mountain or something, to get my inheritance early or something.  He is paranoid.

The blanket hideout

When we got back to the campsite, it was freezing!  Dad started a fire, and I sat near it with everything warm over me.
 The thing next to me is ROOT BEER.  Root beer is nothing like beer at all, and is non-alcoholic.  After we got tired, we put out the fire, went to the tent, and slept.

Thus concludes day one

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  2. I guess one has to make two posts for the second to actually post. Now I have to write everything over again. Woe is me for I forgot what I said.

  3. Ok, let me see what I said. I commented on my own desire to climb to the highest point around me wherever we went. I especially like big rocks and have a few pictures somewhere in my archives. I like the pictures your dad took and the associated commentary. Well written. Oma wants me to print everything out but I put her in front of the touch screen to read everything. She kept touching each picture too long and it magnified itself to the whole screen and than she was stuck and needed help. Anyway, we are anxiously awaiting day 2.
    Love Oma and Opa

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