The journey of a hamburger


In the beginning, there was a cow.  And in that cow there was a hamburger.  And that hamburger is writing this journal.  This is



                After I came out of the cow, THE COW DIED.  I know, pretty tragic.  Anyway a dude unceremoniously dumped me at a restaurant’s cafĂ©.  A person ordered me on the menu.  I screamed in terror as I was picked up.

The man was unfortunately deaf. It all started in the mouth.  I was punctured by a mouth full of teeth. 
Somehow I survived the teeth and the tongue and as a ghosty food, made my way down the esofagus and into the liver.  Ow ow! I hate chemicals.  Now for the darkness that is the stomach.  I said im in the sto mach5 and I am hacking treble righting.

hello, this is the new ghost food, the dark side of the ghost food.  I have been attacked by acids in the stomach, and now look pretty awesome. I am also tiny beccause I was molecularized in the un-jammed pancreas.  I am now  in the gall bladder.  I am sliding through pretty easily.  Now I am bouncing through the small intestines which is very long to be called the small intestines.  I have finally entered the large intestines, which suprisingly is very short to be called the large intestines.  I have entered the end of the digestive system… the rectum!  I am now being pushed out of the anus.  Goodbye!  FLUSH!!!!

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't include a picture of the hamburger at the beginning... or at least a picture of the cow!

  2. PS: I'm glad I'm not a hamburger.

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